Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System that increases productivity and maximizes the most customer satisfaction available. This program can help you bring the full potential to life in marketing, sales, and overall customer service. CRM is an open source meaning that it's free the for the taking and able to manipulate however it will best suit you and your business needs. This has become a proven program for millions of small to medium businesses and delivers what it promises with the best in customer satisfaction. The CRM system is one of the most exciting and best professional-quality Open Source CRM products for small and medium enterprises today. Built over proven and reliable LAMP/ WAMP (PHP, MySQL, Linux/ Windows, Apache) technologies,CRM can be used on the intranet, extranet, or both. In its most recent version, We offers the usual gamut of CRM functions such as customer support and service functions, sales automation (inventory management, customizable product entries, billing and quotations), marketing automation (campaign support, lead generation, knowledge bases), analysis and reporting. A new addition is the use of a customer self-service portal.

CRM package includes:

  • Customization using existing source.
  • Adding new modules.
  • Adding web services for new and old modules.
  • Custom fields and workflows.
  • New WorkFlows for new and old modules.
  • Maintenance support.
  • Integration with front-end CMS Joomla using Jfusion for Single Sign On.